Wesley Sneed

Houston, Texas, US

Wesley's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Wesley

Im am a Passionate individual with strong aspirations and experience leadership and management. entrepreneurship has been a goal of mine since I was around 11 Years old and as a result I have spent time a significant amount of my time studying Entreprenuers as well as Focusing on honing my abilities to Lead others to accomplish difficult task thru JROTC, The Military, various college courses as well as self study and real world application.

I have a desire to effect how the world operates at varius levels and Feel that my ideas, need to be brought into the world, I am ok with failure as I believe that most learning occurs through failure and those who dont try have already failed.

I hope the Company I am Currently planning will help remove some stress from the lives of millions of people by making them to utilize the limited time they do have on things that require their direct interaction.