Wesley Stessens

Hasselt, Belgium

Owner at Synio, Founder of multiple start-ups
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About Wesley

I started as freelance IT consultant in 2012, after my studies. Since then my company Synio has grown a lot. I have a good number of big ongoing clients and contracts and a few of my own projects are providing me a recurring income as well. I'm also still doing freelance work.

A bit of information about my own projects:

- For smaller companies I take care of hosting (about 70 clients).

- Together with someone else I have designed a platform for ordering Foodtrucks in 2016. I'm responsible for everything technical. The raw turnover of this platform is around $ 5500 per month.

- I'm also working on a meeting room reservation kiosk. I already have a first company as a client who will use the system. After that it will be released to the market and it will be marketed. In the future it will become part of a complete package for business centers (administration, invoicing, payment, print costs, etc.)

- I have developed a prototype of 'visitor session replay' software. This client-side code is able to easily track all interactivity on a website in a way that is both fast and saves data. This software works on very complex websites. It is comparable to tools like HotJar and Smartlook, but it has some unique features.

My vision for the future:

I would love to do less freelance work in the future and focus more on my own projects. It would be awesome if I could do this together with someone else. That would be even better, because it's more motivating to work towards a bigger goal together than to work alone. That's why I would be very interested in meeting others to work together on interesting projects.

I'm mainly looking for people who have a technical background themselves. But if you have a great idea, or you have your own unique skills, then that could definitely work as well!


In matters of principle, stand like a rock; in matters of taste, swim with the current. - Thomas Jefferson

Work Experience



July 2016 - Today

I'm responsible for all technical aspects of the Foodtruck ordering platform with a monthly visitor count of 20.000 per month and a raw turnover of $ 5.500 per month.

Founder & Software developer


April 2012 - Today

Most of my own projects as well as my freelance work.

IT Project Manager


June 2015 - May 2017

Development of GPS tracking technology and remote sensors. Mainly focused on the e-biking niche.

Senior Software Developer & Onboarding


January 2018 - Today

Occasionally I do freelance work through Codeable. Only 3% of applicants get accepted to work through the platform. Since July 2018 I also work on reviewing applicants for Codeable.

IT Consultant

My GPS Tracker

January 2013 - April 2017

Development of GPS tracking platform.



January 2012 - Today

I've also worked for many other companies as a freelancer. Feel free to contact me about it.


Universiteit Hasselt


2008 - 2012


Codeable Expert


An Introduction to Programming the Internet of Things (IOT) Specialization


Multiple Trailheads


Electronics for Beginners


Co-working Space

Office Capital, Hasselt, Belgium (I have my own office here)

2017 - Today