West Budreau

Austin, Texas, US

My vision is to be the #1 entrepreneur that combines resources and executes change!
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Business Plan Formulation
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About West

Experienced founder and results-driven leader with advanced skills in all aspects of business development, operations management, finance, marketing, IT, and HR spanning across multiple industries. Extensive background in early stage/startups raising millions to fund operations and experience starting successful enterprises bootstrapped from zero. Highly educated and well-versed with knowledge of current economic, social, & regulatory issues with a demonstrated history of identifying new opportunities and doing what it takes to succeed. Currently looking for an exciting opportunity with an ambitious business that wants to grow.


"If you’re going to eat shit, don’t nibble." - Ben Horowitz

Work Experience

Founder & President

Western Facility Services Group

December 2015 - Today

Established core business systems and performed foundational duties as single founder of commercial lighting, electrical, & energy efficiency company. Remained actively involved in visionary leadership and support to management & employees across all departments. Set businesses objectives, culture, overseeing financial matters, and providing the overall direction of the company • 1st place, International Champion for business plan & presentation for the ICDC conference in Washington, DC in entrepreneurship competition, spring 2016 • Bootstrapped business with less than $300 in the bank to achieving $1,000,000+ in revenue within 2.5 years • Top producing firm in our niche with projects accounting for 63% of the total commercial LED Lighting Retrofit activity in Austin within first 18 months in operation • Maintained a 61% avg. contribution margin across all revenue streams while achieving profitability year over year with +90% of growth funded with customer cash / profits • Grew from a one-man operation out of apartment to 4100sqft commercial flex space with 23 full-time team members and facilities to accommodate up to $30-$40 million in revenue within first 15 months of operation • Electrical division established Q2-17 upon acquiring trade license & grew revenue from remodel/tenant improvement projects to account for 22% of total income in less than 6 months • Expanded lighting retrofit & energy efficiency rebate programs to service the San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, South Texas, & West Texas markets by the end of Q2-18 • Established wholesale/distribution subsidiary Q4-18 in response to customer demand in bulk/overseas orders, ecommerce opportunities, and horizontal integration with existing revenue streams

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Western Facility Services Group

January 2015 - June 2018

Created, Developed, & Implemented strategies to increase revenue/profitability across product & service mix. Performed foundational tasks from creating company logos, brochures/promotional materials, website design/social media to boots on the ground outside sales works. Set up all initial sales tools from the CRM, proposal forms, pricing, and processes across revenue streams. Worked with director of sales, operations manager, marketing coordinator, outside sales staff, and interns on internal/external projects, providing overall support, remained active both in customer & vendor relations, membership associations & volunteering efforts, and assisted heavily in training & development as the business expanded and new roles were created • Achieved a whopping 21.50 Labor Efficiency Ratio (Sales LER) access entire sales team including management – meaning that for every $1 spent on sales labor (sales management included) the company made $21.50 in gross profit • Maintained 52.26% closing ratio across all revenue streams • Grew sales pipeline to $6.17 million during first 2 years in operation • Generated $145,000 during first quarter of launching wholesale/distribution subsidiary • Increased inbound lead activity to average between 15-20 new opportunities per day between government contracting RFP’s, web/social media traffic, & commercial electrical projects from general contractors • Achieved 100% repeat business conversion from key-account customers (Commercial/Multi-family property managers, General Contractors, & Corporate Clients) • Led expansion initiatives throughout Texas, resulting in 40% of total revenue generated outside Austin, TX within first 12 months

Director Of Operations

Western Facility Services Group

January 2017 - December 2017

Tactical leader overseeing all departments ensuring operations are running efficiently. Responsible for make/buy (expense generating) decisions and creating lean processes that reduce costs and improve our cash conversion cycle. Worked closely with sales to ensure procedures were followed, supported field supervisors & project managers to make sure production/delivery is on schedule, managed vendor & subcontractor relations, oversaw companies facilities, assisted finance with audits, inventory, as well as being in charge of high level HR duties from creating employee handbook & operations manual to recruiting, interviewing, and performance • Achieved 74% gross profit with 11.98 direct labor efficiency ratio, resulting in 68.15% average contribution margin during time in role • Produced 9.18 average management labor efficiency ratio, or made $9.18 in profit for every $1.00 spent on administrative staff • Implemented lean processes prior to delegating role, reducing production & delivery cycles by nearly 30 days, resulting in the total cash conversion cycle for lighting retrofit rebate projects in Austin averaging 25.3 days by end of Q1-2018 compared to 53.8 days in 2017 • Saved between $150,000 - $250,000 in of labor costs by leveraging interns, sweat equity, & developing key business systems in house

Financial Controller

Western Facility Services Group

December 2015 - June 2019

Oversaw day-to-day accounting functions, integrated finance operations, forecasting/project budgeting, handling tax matters, financial reporting, managing risk, establishing/monitoring financial controls, audit processes, financial planning, overseeing compliance matters, filled in on bookkeeping functions, and created processes for the businesses recordkeeping requirements & accounting operations • Circumvented between $60,000 - $120,000 in set up, subscription, & integration costs by building robust financial and managerial accounting systems in house complete with full integrations between payroll, expense reporting, time tracking, project management, CRM, SQL databases, SharePoint, and project costing/estimating software • Saved between $30,000 - $50,000 in bookkeeping costs through the implementation of the “Everybody Counts Initiative” – a process designed to have employees perform 90% of bookkeeping functions throughout the course of their regular job duties without sacrificing financial controls, expense approvals, or audit risk.

IT Manager

Western Facility Services Group

December 2015 - May 2019

Developed, maintained, implemented, & integrated the companies technology/computing systems to ensure effective operation, security, all software/applications & hardware up to date. Responsibilities involved everything from administering ERP systems, creating/maintaining companies employee intranet and customer-facing extranet sites to developing custom SQL databases. Worked closely with finance & operations to ensure recordkeeping processes are complying with policy while reducing costs and burden for end-users • Designed IT infrastructure such that technology costs averaged less than $15 per employee per month without sacrificing quality & usability by leveraging integration strategies, custom API, drivers, internally developed databases, web reporting systems, and custom mobile applications. • Developed ERP system in house, saving $100,000 in IT consulting fees (and easily over $250,000 for custom projects still in development)

Business Development

Facility Innovations Group

March 2015 - December 2015

Specialized in developing new business opportunities for the firms newly established energy management division. Worked directly with Owner & Founder in the implementation of sales & marketing systems and discovering profitable niches taking them from conception to roll out while serving a critical role in the firms outside sales (B2B) activities. • Joined firm as only biz-dev personnel as 5th employee during 2nd year in business, introduced lighting rebate revenue stream and grew sales from $0 to $1.14 million in 8 months – a 407.14% increase in total revenue compared to prior year • Profitability from energy management division resulted in the firm’s ability to grow staff by 380%, establish new office, and achieve $3.5 million in revenue in 2016 from $280,000 2014

Business Development Consultant

Oil & Gas, Mining, & Precious Metals Industries

August 2013 - January 2015

Assisted firms from early stage start-ups, medium sized, and publicly traded companies in capital fundraising, investor relations, business development, & other aspects of deal making through the use of PPM's (and other creative methods depending on the situation) marketed primarily through LP's consisting of high-net worth individuals, family offices, niche investor groups, & joint ventures • Entered industry working for TAP Management, an Oil & Gas producer raising venture capital for projects in Potawatomie County Oklahoma. Entry level position, fast paced, high turn-over rate with grunt work involving 400-500 cold calls per day to high net worth individuals. Managed to start bringing in partners within first month • Joined Blue Water Gold, an underwater gold mining company with mining rights off the coast of Nome, AK with projected reserves in the billions. Acquired leases in 2011, set up operation in 2012, performed core sampling in 2013, and plan to scale production in 2014 • Raised $500,000 for Blue Water Mining LLC, the subsidiary owning the excavator barge needed to scale operations for the 2014 mining season. This would be the 1st piece of heavy machinery capable of producing 40-80 ounces per day, comparable to vessel operated on Discovery Channel TV show “Bering Sea Gold” • Oversaw recruiting, training, & supervision of sales staff for fundraising activities, and began putting deals together for other projects in Alaska, Arizona, & Columbia • Received signed LOI totaling $30 million for seed capital of new PE firm to fund acquisition of Blue Water Gold, begin mining operations in Columbia, and acquire leases onshore in Alaska

Residential Sales

Village Homes

July 2012 - June 2013

Worked with manufactured home dealer & real estate developer in connecting buyers to their next home as the point of contact throughout the process from locating land, showing properties in existing portfolio, arranging factory tours, building specs, arranging financing (USDA, FHA, & owner financing), permitting, arranging utilities, and assisting management with new development projects • Top producing sales rep within first 3 months • Highest conversion rates from first initiation to closing entire duration of employment

New & Used Car Sales

Leif Johnson Ford Truck City

June 2009 - July 2012

Assisted customers in finding their next new or used vehicle, assisted with appraisals & inventory purchasing, assisted with arranging financing, contracts, helped with online marketing & advertising campaigns, training, and managed relationships with new & existing customers. • Highest grossing salesman in used car department 38/38 months employed – and highest volume salesman 36/38 months employed • Ranked within top 5 salesman across all 5 Leif Johnson dealerships with 9 separate departments 35/38 months, or 92% of employment


Texas State University


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Lamar University

Real Estate

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