weston Beecroft

Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management

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I have a product that I believe could be... incredible -- if the business side were properly executed, and I continue not to screw up the technical side very badly. This must be a pretty common thing for start-uppers to think about their products, but I do think I have a better way of editing text for mobile devices, which obviously has very wide applicability.

To give some background, I messed up my wrists from coding too much by the time I was 19 and mostly gave up programming after that (though I did finish a CS degree). After finishing with school I decided to try getting into mathematics instead. Worked on that for about 7 months, and then hit on this concept for writing code with the Microsoft Kinect... without any loss of efficiency.

I worked on the program for a little over a year. Generalizations occurred to me and I ended up writing the IDE on top of a more general framework for building text editors of this new style. The IDE I have as a proof of concept; considering what the framework takes care of, some simple apps with commercial potential wouldn't be a huge undertaking. The framework/IDE are built for Android.

Screenshot/video/additional info: http://www.tiledtext.com