Whitney Lubin

Pembroke Pines, Florida, US

Whitney's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Whitney

FemmeNoire Int is a start-up company found by myself and Jasmine Wheeler. As business partners in another beauty focused venture we came upon the idea to launch FemmeNoire while doing some market research. What we found was that women of color have very distinct spending habits, and conventional tools aren't adequate solutions. Women of color need an UNCONVENTIONAL solution! A solution made for them, by them. Through FemmeNoire we plan to change the way women of color spend, save and invest their money.

Jasmine Wheeler is our CEO, and has worked with notable venture capital funded startups like CareCloud, and Kidozen here in South Florida. As a business development and sales expert she brings all the right skills and experiences in order build a well structured sales team and attract valued clients.

I myself am a serial entrepreneur with a background in Marketing, and Digital Media. Through relevant and continous market data research I provide the creative direction for the brand, and product development.

Our advisory board consisting of professional women, some of whom work in the financial industry.

What makes our team so unique is that we're creating a customized tool for a segment of the population instead of creating a cookie cutter solution...it's exciting...and it's daunting...but it's definitely needed.

We are looking for a Lead Developer, someone who can lead a team of programmers, meet deadlines, and work collaboratively. Handle both server-side and front-end logic.
Includes implementing all the visual elements that users see and use in the web application, as well as all the web services and APIs that are necessary to power the front-end. Must have advanced knowledge/skills in Server/Client side architecture.


Florida State University

International Relations

2011 - 2011