Wienanto Tanuwidjaja

Pacifica, California, US

Wienanto's Skills
Product Management

About Wienanto

I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia. I have passion to create great enterprise systems which can be used by small and medium businesses around the world, and that include accounting reconciliation and business intelligence software, all web-based. Helping people to work and use resources more effectively and efficiently. I am looking forward to move to California, where the environment of entrepreneurial are more cultivated, especially in risk-taking and making something new to use. I am looking a technical co-founder, preferably fluent in Python, Django, and C, and willing to work hard side by side with me to create something with our own technical deep expertise. Although sometimes we need to bootstraps, I'm in the opinion that when we put aside money in making a really good prototype and replacing with deep technical expertise, there will be more of things to do, unlimited things to have, and that creates innovation.

My favourite company: Apple, Google, Dropbox, Facebook, and Yahoo!. Why? Because they put aside money in the first place, and lets deep technical expertise reflected perfectly in their products.