Will D.

Chicago, Illinois, US

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About Will

I am very close to launching Cloudasta.com, a reseller of SaaS software products, starting with G Suite. I am finalizing the content and making some finishing touches to the website. Hope to have a cofounder by early 2020 and launch to an initial prospect list.

The goal is to start with G Suite and then offer additional SaaS software products (Office 365, Pipedrive and others).

The immediate technical goal is to implement a billing system. Each of these SaaS vendors will charge Cloudasta for the end customer's usage, so Cloudasta needs a way to charge customers. Stripe might be an option. Monthly post-pay might be easiest way to start, that's how Google billing works, but the goal is to figure out how to implement monthly pre-pay.

This is a low investment business to get started, but will require a lot of customer development and outbound sales, which is what I will focus on. This is also a low margin business thus, we'll need to streamline everything. Lastly, there's a ton of competitors in this space, but I have a differentiated positioning that I will share with interested cofounders.

I have the LLC, etc. set up (via Stripe Atlas) and am looking for someone to work on this with me a few hours per week. Once we determine to work together, the LLC's Operating Agreement will be modified to add the Cofounder as the second member (right now, I'm the only member of the LLC).

Once we have the foundation in place and a few initial customers, we'll decide on and create a budget for marketing. Until we get to that phase, there's very little monetary investment (other than time).

If you're interested in learning more, reply with a brief intro., what you're currently working on, link to portfolio and how you think you would add value from the get go.

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June 2019 - December 2016