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Corporations in the US and UK lose over $37 Billion per year because their employees do not understand their jobs. These companies spend $156 Billion per year to prevent this, but receive an inefficient, ineffective, and unaccountable product. Talent Standard is going to disrupt this system by building an adaptive learning platform focused on corporate training. Our goal is to solve the inherent problems in current corporate training, organize the world’s business knowledge, and ultimately disrupt the way people work for companies. I have lots more to share about our grand vision when we meet.

In creating Talent Standard, I first focused on exploring the theories behind adaptive learning (Latent Trait Theory), figuring out the business case for a disruptive corporate training platform, and building relationships. Over the past months, I’ve validated our concept with numerous large employers, training providers, and investors. Most recently, I assembled a small team of advisers and begun producing a proof of concept prototype.

Now I’m looking to partner with some additional folks who can bring platform and API development experience (with a slant towards data analytics and insight), UX/UI experience (with a slant towards psychology and learning), and education content production or copywriting experience. We are in advanced customer and partner development, and are accelerating to bring our first product to market. My non-negotiables in potential partners are, in no particular order: brilliance in your field, a burning passion for changing the world, a hands-on/get sh*t done attitude, solid communications skills, and unreproachable integrity.

As for me: I’m a data product manager who has worked in or around the banking industry for 10 years. I’ve been involved with three multimillion dollar software platform development efforts at a bank, and led the business side for two of them. I’ve delivered training to more than a thousand people on highly technical topics both in and outside the US, in addition to receiving training in the finance topics I am first seeking to disrupt. While I have always been on the business or analytics side of software, I do write code. I believe my cohesive vision, broad experiences, and industry relationships are my biggest assets. More details on http://www.linkedin.com/in/willdearman

If you're interested in disrupting a proven Billion dollar market, with a business that will actually make an incredible impact for people, their families, and the economy, let's talk.



Trinity University


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