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Miami, Florida, US

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I grow things and most people\'s idea of hard work bores me. That comes naturally from growing up on a farm. I\'ve been in sales since I was 12, and started working in a genetics lab when I was 16. At 18 I took a year off school to serve in leadership development and training and a little traveling internationally. After that I decided combine my love of teaching and genetics and became a biotechnology teacher. The program I started at a high school grew to one of the largest in Florida (probably in the US), and we also added Veterinary Assisting. I helped organize and coordinate 4 schools to make the world\'s largest serving of guacamole - 4114 lbs, and coached students to local, state, and national championships. My continued leadership and professional development from the private sector helped me to become the runner-up teacher of the year for the 4th largest district in the nation in the first year I was eligible for the award. I left teaching in the public school system to work with two of my great mentors in building SalesPartners, where I teach Sales, Business Development, and Team Environment to teams and small business owners. I have helped lawyers triple their number of clients, established sales teams double their calling efficiency within 2 months, rebuilding companies revamp their sales strategy and departments among other projects. I am active in leadership roles in key networks throughout Miami. My greatest accomplishment has been my marriage of over 10 years, my son, and baby on the way. I know I\'ve been given the ability and opportunity to learn from and accomplish these things so that I can use the experience to help others and serve a purpose far greater than anything I alone could imagine.

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SalesPartners Miami

July 2010 - December 2016