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I developed a audit tool that can be incorporated into databases which would point out the gaps in the given system. The model I developed helped restructure the mental health agency which I currently work at and can be applied to the larger organizational system as the prototype is developed. The tool will be both visual written, allowing clinicians to see the gaps to solve within their agency. I am working with the incubator 1776 to help assess my product's potential and learn more about the business process.
My company already has a buyer in mind and we are looking to learn exactly what the marketplace is. I have written out blueprints for the mvp, but I need a skilled coder to help build the prototype. My tool is patent-pending, and I have been accepted into the FBCA's pro bono program as I am looking to patent my tool.
My aspiration for the company is to make data systems more efficient while allowing users to easily solve the problems that plague their agency. I want for our company to be both realist and innovative while constantly looking to better ourselves.
My ideal co-founder would share the desire to find creative and simple ways to allow users to solve their issues on the front end. This candidate would need to be someone who is open minded and a skilled communicator. He or she would need to both have the technical skills to be assess situations and work to solve problems. As a team, we would need to be able to push each other's limits as we create structural solutions to systems.
In terms of my qualifications, I had the initiative to restructure my mental health agency and figure out how to incorporate my organizational design throughout the data system that would incorporate top-down improvement in efficiency. I find myself comfortable in the fact that I have much to learn and that I am also willing to learn from all around me. I hope that you, the person that wants to partner with me, shares the idea of being open to constant self-improvement.
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