Will Hurst

Phoenix, Arizona, US

Will's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Will

I am a creative/designer/marketeer looking to build a team to work on future projects. I am currently brainstorming new concepts and looking to build something of scale.

Successful entrepreneur of 3 small businesses and 1 medium sized company. 3 have been sold off and the current one I recently put management in place and have minimal day to work load and am in a transitional phase of finding and starting the next project.

I have built both e-commerce and B2C businesses have sourced product internationally, managed product, negotiated large purchasing deals, I have built systems and teams, and filled leadership roles. I have been successful in managing the marketing facets of every business I have run and have become a skilled marketeer.

I can build & design web campaigns and market them effectively, but I am limited on the technical side as I am not a coder. However, it can be done I have assembled teams of technicians to complete this type of work for me in the past. My strengths are largely creative and interpersonal.

Products that change the world require a strong, focused team. That's what I am here looking for.