Will Li

Sydney, Australia

Will's Skills
Business Development

About Will

Hi there, a little bit about me, my name is Will and my background is in Finance/Project Management; my wife Alice who started our wedding-planning start-up with me is an experienced Marketer with focus in digital marketing. We got married earlier this year and the wedding planning leading up to the wedding was a pretty stressful/time-consuming experience that we think can be done better than what is available in the market currently.

Which brings us to why we are here, we are looking for a tech co-founder for our wedding planning website which we launched in March this year (we have since signed up over 300 businesses and have paying customers). We aim to connect brides/groom to suppliers in an efficient market-place but also offer them an innovative set of tools which can help alleviate the pains of wedding planning process.

We are looking for a programmer/coder who has the technical skills to develop our existing platform which has some cool features already! The type of person we are looking for is someone who has great attention to detail, solid front/backend programming skills, and most importantly a passion to be a part of a successful start-up through hardwork. If this sounds like you, then please drop me a msg and we will definitely get back to you!