Will McKee

Tulsa, Oklahoma, US

Will's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Will

I'm the founder of Machineparty, an ambitious project that gets inside the workflow of industry. There are several cofounders onboard. We're looking for a full time CTO cofounder.

I come from industry, heavy industry. I have run several foundry equipment companies and made the leap to IT recently. The idea of MP stems from years of thought and discussion and experience.

We're developing in Django.

We have a prototype that is almost tractionable.

We have some funding with the possibility of more.

We have a really cool idea that could be very very large.

We have a full time designer.

We have an Indian office, but we want to get our American office started.

MP is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of industrial parts and materials. Currently buyers have to hunt for parts and sellers hope to be found. We flip this inquiry/quotation process on its head by giving the buyers a way to broadcast their needs and the sellers a way to filter these leads.

We have a freemium model. Our goal is to solve problems up and down the workflow of industry:

inquiry quotation Purchase order manufacturing invoice finance

Ultimately, we aim to monetize by financing the float of industry. This is also known as trade credit. When a seller allows a buyer to pay 30 days after the delivery of the product (net30). We will become the financiers of PO's.

It's big.

Machineparty will be located in NYC or SF as soon as bigger funding is available.

MP already has 2 tracks of development... one is down and dirty open source django. The other is modular, using restful api's on mongodb.

We want someone to head up this project. We need fulltimers to take us through our traction period.

Thanks for looking,