Will Misko

Boulder, Colorado, US

Will's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Will

My co-founder and I are working on building out an idea for a revolutionary app in the travel booking industry. We both have strengths in business plan development, budgeting, marketing, PR, sales, and operations but we are looking for a technical co-founder to join our team and balance us out with technical insights and skills. We are currently working on the UX flows and wireframes, and are getting the legal side of things moving. We are both outgoing self-starters who would love to work with a technical co-founder to help get our idea off the ground. We truly believe that this idea would thrive in Colorado and could quickly expand to the rest of the country.

We are new to the startup scene but have developed our skills in a professional environment for the past several years. I have been involved on multiple large-scale contracts with very picky clients. I have a keen attention to detail and know how to deal with all types of people in order to get things done. I have a strong set of both business and creative skills and can use those in a well-balanced way to drive business goals. I have an easy-going personality; I know there will be speed bumps within any project, but it's the way I deal with them that makes a difference.

My co-founder is a marketing and writing machine. She has unbelievable branding, copywriting, advertising, and content writing skills. She was paramount in the creation of this idea and has done everything with me since its conception. There is little that slows her down when she sets her mind to it.

Our ideal candidate would be an established front-end and back-end developer who can provide cross-platform web and mobile development. We are considering starting with a fully-responsive, interactive website and then expanding to the app market once the product is more developed. Both would require API development/integration. UI/UX design skills would be a bonus.

We value the input of each co-founder when it comes to any problem. We would love to work with a co-founder who wants to have fun and is like-minded in the sense that they believe this app will succeed. We are looking for somebody who wants to put sweat equity into the company as a long-term investment; we are doing the same because we are confident we will get a promising return in the future. If this sounds like a good match for you, please let us know!