Will Patton

Chicago, Illinois, US

Will's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Will

I am a CTO / Developer looking for similar coders/innovators or business developers. I offer a background in hardware, software, and systems that fits well with innovative startups relying on modern sensors, mobile web/devices, UX/UI design, and backend cloud services. I routinely code and build complete web applications using the LAMP stack and agile workflows. I speak fluently on these technologies: sensors, real time HW/SW/OS, networking, wireless, mobile apps, UX/UI, web 3.0, databases, and data centers (VaaS).

Beyond, being a techie, I've gained a ton of business experience working with clients and startups on business plans, financial modeling, technical/digital marketing, customer acquisition, and CRM.

If need be, "I can built it. And, I can sell it." -- whatever it takes.

I am looking for a collaborative group of techies, dev/ops, or business savvy gurus to build and launch new business(es). I'm seeking biz partners who are coders, or marketers good at serving a niche, creating value, or monetizing ideas.

In years past as a techie/consultant, I've used tech to solve challenges in these industries: Retail/restaurant, ecommerce, financial services (equities, trading), professional, materials, construction, oil & gas, internet / technology, semiconductors, and software. I'm open to mixing and matching technology, solutions, industries, and experience to fit the business opportunity.

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