Will Steward

Takoradi, Ghana

CEO, Cobloom: Helping B2B SaaS Startups to Find Traction & Increase Revenue
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Product Management
Business Development

About Will

Founded my first company, File Den, age 15, while in school. Alongside growing the company, I achieved straight A's at A-Level. I grew the business from nothing to over 3 million registered users, hosting tens of millions of files for consumer & business customers worldwide. I managed a fully remote team of contractors who developed upon the software I initially built, and optimised our systems architecture. In 2011, File Den was acquired by CX.

During 2010-2011, I negotiated the sale of File Den with several potential acquirers, and experienced the pain of due diligence, plus "good as done" deals that fell through in the final stages of due diligence.

I co-founded my second company, Pint Drop, in October 2010. I developed the product, a mobile app, and managed the development of a piece of Chinese hardware, which validated drink vouchers behind bars in pubs & restaurants. In Summer 2011, I left university to focus on Pint Drop full time. We raised a seed round that Summer, to build upon our early success attracting pubs & bars into the Pint Drop "Text Your Friends a Drink" scheme.

Ultimately, in October 2012, the company was dissolved. After numerous pivots and changes in strategy, it proved too expensive to penetrate the restaurants & bars in our target market at scale, while simultaneously building consumer interest in our vouchers.

Since then, I've been working on Cobloom. We partner with SaaS Startups to help them achieve Product/Market Fit faster, then build a revenue generation machine that scales, by improving their sales, marketing & customer success strategies. The company is now profitable.

Work Experience

CEO & Co-founder


January 2016 - December 2016