Will Taylor

London, United Kingdom

Will's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Will

This is my second company, and I'm looking to find the right advisor and to build a brilliant team. I've worked as a strategy consultant, have written a book, and run a company before this one.

Priority: Looking for an advisor. Ex-senior management, experience in ecommerce. You will help direct the strategy. Looking for someone with a successful track record. Time commitment: an hour a week. Happy to share equity with the right person.

For the team: looking for people who are smart, devoted, and will execute. Open-minded and willing to take risks and accept mistakes on the route to success. As Zuckerberg puts it: move fast and break things!

We're going to create a fantastic product with an outstanding user experience. We're going to drive it with smart, iconic, metric-driven marketing.

If this sounds right, send me a message to touch base, and we can arrange a coffee or phone call to find out how you'd like to be involved.