Willem Muller

PoznaƄ, Poland

Willem's Skills
Product Management

About Willem


I have mixed skills. I'm originally a software developer - worked at Microsoft and other major corporates and investment banks in and around London for over 10 years. The last 2 years I've worked in internet marketing as a traffic buyer for a price comparison and home improvement network of sites.

I've been involved in 2 UK startups, the first as security product for the online child security market. The second, my own attempt at the Ubercab model back in 2010.

With allot of tech, some marketing and some business savvy I'm hoping to connect with other motivated individuals in the early days of their startup journey. I can offer development, some potential pro-bono for equity work and guidance on customer acquisition and strategy.

I'm searching for other individuals on my level - and people with opposing skills and experience.Who have flexibility with their work, savings at hand, deep industry experience, have already shown a real time/financial commitment to their product and are missing the technical component.

I'm location independent - currently based in Poland until end of 2015 but free to move as and where required.

I have a ton of ideas, some in development, some live. I'm hoping to find someone who shares my vision or to join a new idea if the fit is right. If there's any resonance with my pitch then get in touch!