William Aidan

San Francisco, California, US

William Aidan's Skills
Product Management

About William Aidan

I am a seasoned entrepreneur, having been on brink of an IPO in my first entrepreneurial experience to having bootstrapped and built a 50 person financial business in a recent venture. Don't hold it against me, but i started my professional life as a VC.

My strengths are in marketing, sales, and at the macro level in identifying trends and market opportunities. My core strength is in bringing revenue to a product.

My weakness are anything that is not going to drive revenue (accounting, HR, IT) and I am not a developer but have been in technology over 10 years.

I am looking for a highly motivated product visionary and technical co-founder capable of solving a big problem, someone who has 3-5 years experience as a lead developer on a substantial product, managing a team, and is a leader who others will follow. You should be skilled in all front end dev, and capable of managing back end developers and designers and working with UI team. Ability to create a world class front end experience, and experience with scaling big data are important.

We have paying customers, and a real big data problem in the $2.5 trillion energy market. We are creating a mobile and web experience that will include over 100 million profiles, each with over 75 unique datapoints.

You must also be motivated by idea of improving the environment, believe global warming is real, and understand the macro role of energy in the world today.

Our task is to develop a prototype for this product. Business is generating revenue, and we will raise additional seed financing round prior to a targeted $2.5 million series A in 12 months. Two VCs have seen the business plan and product requirements definition, and given soft commitments to invest pending prototype.

Co-founder will get a salary plus founder equity depending on sweat equity.