William Bater

West Hollywood, California, US

William's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About William

Hey I'm Will and I am working on an iOS application for the skateboarding community. The app is called Tricky (trickyapp.com) which connects skaters at the local and international level with each other, skate shops, and brands through mobile video. The app also starts a video archive of tricks done in spots anywhere in the world.

I recently graduated from Syracuse University where I focused heavily on start ups and technology and had a lot of fun developing business ideas. I always wanted to start a business around something I was passionate about and action sports is one of those things. These sports, and specifically skating, are a blast to participate in but the community surrounding them is what I am most passionate and excited about.

Right now we are very much seeking a CTO to come in, take what we have, and become a co-founder. You would really help drive the future of our app and company. We envision a lot of fun social features to be built out that will translate every day actions into a virtual and mobile platform. We also plan to move into other action sports and adapt our platform to fit other markets.

Finally, we want this platform to be serious and dedicated to skaters. Eventually we want to help kids get into college by displaying their dedication and work ethic through their Tricky profiles and videos. These kids put in so much time before and after school that it should be treated like any other sport.


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