William Bradford

Dunn, North Carolina, US

William's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About William

Crossed Swords 3 main market vectors is IT Consulting, Media Development and Visionary Research:

IT Consulting is straight forward doing IT Consulting and Project Management for clients, my major thing setting me apart from the competition is I am not afraid to tell the truth, to not give the client a sub-standard product, even if the company loses money on the deal. We at Crossed Swords put customer service first, last and always.

Media Development – This market vector includes poetry, short stories, novels, movie scripts and lyrics. I plan on pitching ideas and developing the ones that generate the most interest which will translate on better sales and better understanding of the current market trends.

Visionary Research – A fancy term for simply ideas that require massive investment, research and infrastructure.

What I need at this point is backers, face men aka PR/sale types, grunts aka people to take the ideas and made them reality and Accountants


Central Carolina College

Computer Programming

1993 - 1993