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Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, US

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My co-founder should have a similar background in business as myself (not necessarily in the textile industry) with respect to having experience up and down an organization including but not limited to having excellent people skills, administrative skills, and the ability to raise seed/venture capital from having contacts within the banking/investment banking community.
The project/startup surrounds manufacturing a proprietary textile product called a cocoon bobbin here in the U.S. which is used by quilted fabric manufacturers and embroidery manufacturers. It is a critical component to these customers for they cannot run their machines productively without this cocoon bobbin. If I can manufacture the product here in the U.S. I/we will have a virtual monopoly on the product in the Americas. The product is already a proven product and is available for sale outside the U.S. The item must be manufactured in the U.S., not imported, for various reasons that can be clearly outlined before we may become capitalized. I already have a large order in writing from a credit worthy customer that will virtually pre-sell the entire production at the point in time that I obtain the necessary financing to build a small 3000 sq.ft. facility to manufacture the product here in the U.S. The product commands a 40% gross profit margin. The total market cap in the U.S. for this particular product is approximately $5Million


University of Colorado at Boulder

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