William Chang

Queens County, New York, US

William's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About William

I'm currently CEO of Surpass the Limit Inc. and owner of a fitness center in Flushing, Queens. I have a domain expertise of 5 years in the fitness industry, along with a large clientele base.

Having built multiple websites in the past, I've sidelined this application for a while, but am looking to re-introduce it to the market due to my growing clientele base. I am looking for a mobile developer that can help build out an MVP. I have a team that can handle the marketing, design, and operations side.

About Fitterep:

It's difficult for trainers and clients to connect, due to variable costs, schedules, and locations.

Find and book a fitness trainer instantly in your area. Fitterep connects people looking to get active with trainers of all experience. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or take yoga, a trainer will come to you to help you in your goals. We are like Uber, for fitness trainers.

Our Mission:
To make fitness more accessible so the world can be a healthier place.

About Fitterep:

Getting a trainer is about finding someone that can inspire you to make changes. But this is not always the case when you walk into a gym looking for one. We believe the way people find and book trainers needs to be reinvented.

As trainers, we love seeing how powerful support from real people is. Fitterep.com brings together a community of passionate and experienced trainers to help you achieve any goal. Working out can often be intimidating alone, but having a trainer will keep you motivated.


Baruch College

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing & International Business

2012 - 2012