William Cleary

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About William

Gentlemen, my name is Bill Cleary and my background is as a Business Broker And M&A specialist. I read with interest this site. I am in the process of launching a website for the health care industry. This site is a simplified system for all diabetics both here in the USA and elsewhere. Actually, I designed this for my own needs over the last ten years because there is nothing available anywhere. This system I have titled “The Tracker”. The name is certainly descriptive as it has the unique ability of tracking multiple blood glucose reading for each day (up to four times “daily”) and more importantly can show at a glance that the user can clearly see exactly where he or she should be every time that they stick their finger.

The purpose for my contact with you is to determine if you would be at all interested in becoming involved with this project. At this stage I would like to put together a Beta site. The purpose is to evidence to our selected markets what we intend to do when we launch.

What I would like to propose to you, is a relationship of partnering on this project . There are several ways we can structure that relationship. The short version could be if you are willing to complete this website I would be agreeable to sharing an equitable percentage of the stock of the company. Moreover, as soon as the company has sufficient cash flow it will pay for all services in addition to the stock.

In ending, I would also ask your interest in estimating the project in the event that we find that convenient to lenders that we are presently about to make contact with. Frankly, I would prefer not to use lenders but it may be necessary.

Many thanks for you time and consideration today.