William Falcon

New York, New York, US

William's Skills
Product Management

About William

I consider myself pretty creative, I come up with something new almost daily (most i don't act on unless I think they are good ideas. A few years ago I got serious about one after leaving the navy, and meal idea was born. After doing a 2 year stint at merrill Lynch i decided to focus on the app I launched in october. I taught myself obj-c, java and vba (as a tool to build what I wanted).

Although the app was ok in the beginning, I just rebuilt it from the ground up and will see what the results are like in a few weeks. So far it has been decently successful, but I am very excited about the new version.

I am looking for either a technical partner (from whom I can learn more) and or an advisor that can help me take the company to the next level. Although I have experience managing investments and have taken some business classes, I don't think I know nearly enough to approach venture capitalists yet. I am very dedicated and care tremendously about this app, and i expect my team to be just as serious either about this app or whatever else we build next.

Look forward to meeting with you guys and girls.