William Faulkner

New Orleans, Louisiana, US

Flux Research, Monitoring and Evaluation
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My primary business is running a research-based consultancy which aims to inform decisionmaking in social programs with empirical data. I have used most of the CAQDAS packages currently available - I feel the acute lack of a simple, clean package which aligns the day-to-day of qualitative analysis with the (incredibly simple) core concepts. I consider myself a skilled software critic, but a total amateur in the world of software development. I've worked with start-ups, but always service-based consultancies.

You should understand that I'm not looking for massive financial returns, so if you are, you will be the first one bringing that to the table. My primary passion is helping social organizations do what they do better, which is usually a boutique job. My background is in the world of intl. development, particularly Latin America. I helped grow a still-expanding M&E consultancy called Plan Políticas Públicas in São Paulo for 18 months, learning a lot about clients from all different sectors/sizes along the way. Spent one year spread through Africa, Europe, US, and Bolivia working with and agricultural research program (funding from McKnight Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).

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Overtime Media Group

January 2015 - December 2016