William Fleming

Mercer Island, Washington, US

William's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About William

I am extremely driven by cloud-based solutions, rails development with integrated TDD and BDD. I firmly believe that the only true definition of being Agile is having the ability to push code 5-6 times a day with the ability to roll back just as quickly.

I am constantly looking to build out the next best thing. I have failed and succeeded. With every turn taking the opportunity and time to learn valuable lessons of what not to do just as much as what to do. I love building relationships and feel that you dont have to solve and build everything yourself. Working with partners as integrators, you can very quickly reach your targets if done smartly.

Having recently moved into the Seattle area, I am primarily looking to build relationships with other entrepreneurs along with passionate rails developers. Overall, lets connect, have fun and see where it takes us.