William Harris

San Diego, California, US

William's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About William

I am working on a seed-funded mobile-based social platform intended to help customers find the best food dishes around and easily share and rate these dishes with their circle of friends. Part social network, part local guide, my start-up intends to fill a large gap in the current food discovery marketplace. My background is in restaurant marketing, social media, product design, and UX. I have a beautiful GUI design, and a fully planned out user-experience for an alpha product. It is ready to be programmed. I have a business plan drafted, and I have begun to raise funds for the project(seed round is nearly complete). I am looking for a co-founder to help me take the reigns, specifically in the architecture and programming(planning ahead for scalability) for the next phase of the business. My company has raised a good amount of capital from great backers, and I am looking for a partner to help oversee the completion of the applications build(in progress) and help shape the future of the company from an engineering perspective. I can offer equity and a small but reasonable salary(you will be bootstrapping alongside myself and other team members) to get the app off the ground, scalable, and ready for the market.


University of California, Berkeley


2010 - 2010