William Harris

Dillon, Montana, US

Sales manager
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About William

I'm a pharmacist-seller at AHealthGroup.Net company. Every day, my job is to communicate with people, to answer their questions and select analogs of drugs similar in composition to those that were prescribed by doctors. In addition, I deal with the accounting of the arrival and consumption of medicines. Also I am responsible for the ordering of the drugs by our customers, I prepare reports and answer for technical questions.

Work Experience

Sales Manager


January 2005 - Today

We offer medicines with a low trade mark-up. Between us and the pharmacy is an additional agreement, under which she undertakes to sell the order from the site AHealthGroup.Net at special prices indicated on the site. The buyer who does not want to understand the specifics of our work, it is enough to remember that it is cheaper to order through the site because the "on order" product is always more accessible than the one that already lies on the counter. We do not guarantee the lowest prices for all products. For example, if a pharmacy sells excess commodity stocks or offers medicines from past supplies, the price may be lower. However, if you compare prices for goods from the most recent supply, then the price on the site, as a rule, is lower - due to a reduced mark-up. http://ahealthgroup.net/viagra-123.com/