William McCluskey

Needham, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About William

Proper Channel wants to remove the pain from bureaucracy. Be it applying to college, moving your home, or trying to navigate the DMV, it's incredibly frustrating. The pain rarely comes from the steps themselves. The hard part is figuring out what the steps are, and in what order you have to complete them. Even with all this pain, thousands of people complete these tasks successfully. Unfortunately, their success and learning are immediately lost. There is no good way for the knowledge of today to help the people of tomorrow.

Proper Channel will close the feedback loop. We are a social solution to the pain of bureaucracy. By creating a place to collaboratively map successful workflows through bureaucratic processes, people will have up to date, step-by-step roadmaps through any process.

I am the sole founder of Proper Channel. I am a BC MBA, with a specialization in Product and Brand Management (Marketing). My experience is wide and diverse, ranging from sports league creation to geotechinical engineering. This diversity has allowed me to solve problems creatively, leaning on cross-institutional solutions.

Proper Channel is currently in the idea stage. I have contracted out a firm for an alpha build, written an initial business plan, contacted potential users, and have strong advisers. Once the Alpha is launched, I would like to heavily recruit users, conduct AB testing, and reshape the tool based on hard analytics. For this, I need technical and marketing talent.


Boston College

MBA - Product and Brand Management

2011 - 2011