William Sharrock

Warrington, United Kingdom

Investment, Private Equity, Line of Credit, Startup's, Business and Commercial Funding, Project Development

About William

Figure out how to differentiate and to craft a vision that's ultimately tied directly to your company's brand - oh - that is attractive to potential investors, guides your employees, and enchants your customers.

Work Experience

Co Founder

Digital Antzz

September 2015 - December 2016


PointFinance Limited

April 1991 - Today

We invest or fund in various fields such as real estate, construction, healthcare, technology, education and so on. Not just start-up stages of business or projects but also seed and other stages. We are also focusing on leading small to medium-size enterprises worldwide. We supports smart people with businesses and projects with high potential who have the courage to work hard and build a functioning company. We are mainly focused on business and projects with high added value with either global potential or with the ability to retire its debt and cover longer parts of the value chains. Our major regions of interest are Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa. Visit www.pointfinanceltd.com for additional information.