William Tuman

Easthampton, Massachusetts, US

William's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About William

We provide a Web service and suite of iOS and Android apps that museums use to create self-guided mobile tours. Our product is currently in beta with about a dozen venues. Most of these are currently using the software for free as pilot partners, but a few have started paying our full asking price for the service. The original dev partner is off the project, and we now require a new partner-level Tech Lead to do the following:

· complete debugging to prepare for wide release.
· coordinate a design standardization across Android and iOS while performing a minor cosmetic and UI refresh.
· add a few high-priority new features.
· upon launch, decide if you'd like to remain involved OR help vet a new hire to replace you.

Our ideal partner is an energetic, fearless, brilliant, personable full-stack guy or gal with significant LAMP, AWS, iOS, and Android development experience. Location isn't critical, but a base in the northeastern US would be ideal. This job will be an easy win for you, as we are deep into development and have a viable product very close to market. I know everybody thinks that, but we have the working beta to prove it. If you're a coding badass, we want to hear from you, but if you also want your startup to do genuine good in the world, you'll be an even better fit. We think of ourselves as a for-profit company with a nonprofit mission and attitude.

We're flexible about your level of involvement and will entertain offers ranging from:

· part-time Tech Lead/Investor hybrid who brings more money than time to the table. you understand the big picture but manage a dev team instead of doing all the work yourself.
· full-time (and more) Tech Lead who doesn't bring money but who has the time and energy to do it all.

With 17,500 museums in the US/Canada and 55,000 worldwide, the market for our SAAS model is large and healthy. We don't expect to be the next TWTR, but our product will provide robust income for a small team of the right people. We have a database of strong sales leads developed through years of personal contact and are ready to grow quickly once we can ship version 1 of our software.