William W.

Dallas, Texas, US

William's Skills
Product Management

About William

We are a cutting edge patent pending software solution that game developers can integrate into their games to not only better monetize their user base but also to increase user retention and game stickiness, the biggest issues faced in the industry today. We were just recently accepted into a Top 5 tech accelerator in the US (ranked by Inc.), have IP, corporate structure in place and are prepping the platform (~80% developed) to enter into sandbox mode for optimization. From there, we will add on a few Alpha testers then move into our Beta launch.

We are looking for a progammer/developer that has the capability and experience to take on a material role in optimizing the software as well as working with other developers on integrating the software, obtaining feedback and A/B testing. Ideally, this role will essentially take form of the Company CTO. Software/API/SDK experience as well as gaming/mobile ad (we are not another mobile ad company!) is highly desired!