William Watkins

Matteson, Illinois, US

William's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About William

I am a real estate veteran with 12+ years in the industry and the Managing Broker/Owner of Wisdom Realty. I am the designer of the only Advance Marketing Pre-Paid Real Estate Commission program in the nation. The systems are currently in place to accept paying customers. My real estate program is designed as an advanced strategy for the future disposition of the property with built-in mechanisms to lower the cost for the owner, while at the same time increasing the profitability for the Brokerage.

I am looking for a Marketer who carry inside of them, the desire to help me change an industry that has focused more on protecting their commissions and not on saving money for their clients.

I can share with anyone with a serious interest a completed business plan posted on Gust.com. I have other data, to include NAR recently released future scenarios of where they believe the real estate industry is headed, which supports my concept. I can explain in great detail, if necessary, how the industry would be remiss in not accepting this model.

I am not looking to convince every real estate professional the viability of the concept. In fact, it is not necessary to convince any of the professionals in the industry for the reason stated above. What is necessary, is to offer something of value to the market we serve. They will drive the demand forcing the real estate professional to except the model.