Wilson Calil

Miami, Florida, US

Experienced Marketer
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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Wilson

I’m business manager, marketer and entrepreneur. I had the chance to study in the best universities in my country and I’ve been living for 5 years in USA. A few years ago I've been awarded as the top marketer in Latin America by a digital magazine.
I believe that the best innovations come through the person’s own needs. That’s exactly what happened with this project, I had a specific need and made a company out of that.
The project is a social platform different from the current ones in the market, aiming to show accomplishments, skills and share knowledge.
I’m already in an advanced stage of the development using my own money. I opened the C-Corp, developed product specs, developed the MVP, I run a user research, developed the brand identity, a blog, social networks (19K followers on Twitter), etc. Now it is time to speed up the process to successfully improve the product and start monetizing it. I’ve been looking for a co founder to help me manage the technology side of the project and support me to take this company to the next level.