Wilson Yao

Vancouver, Canada

Wilson's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Wilson


I am in my 4th year of University majoring in entrepreneurship and marketing. The business idea that I have is an online peer-to-peer platform for university students. This platform will a more convenient and efficient way to study. First, students have to sign up using their university e-mails, then they will select the classes they are taking in the specific semester. After they do that, they will be in a "group" with all other classmates ( even the ones they do not know). In that group, students can interact in real-time, share notes and past exams, form study groups and so on. Notifications are also send out to fellow classmates when each other post questions about a question or assignment.

I've been in several student clubs and taking part of leadership roles. As a hard-working person, I am looking for someone that is also hard working and willing to wake up early everyday and work on this project together.