Wim Kumpen

Hasselt, Belgium

Wim's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Wim

I’m a technical product developer for next level businesses. With my clever combination of skills I give your start up (or scale up) company the essential boost.

My unique set of bachelor's degrees in Applied Informatics, Marketing and Digital Marketing gives me a head start in understanding the intricate connections between the technology and market behind the product.

I aim my focus on innovation and don’t shy away from a challenge. That’s how I quickly evolved from small scale software development to the digital product development for tech startups. My career path helped me grow my skills in tech & business. My past experiences qualify me to spot opportunities others might still be blind to. By sharing my lessons learned, new products and businesses gain momentum.

Innovating pitch? Let's hear it. Scaling up? Yeah! Want to make a difference? Let's do it!


Innovating pitch? Let's hear it. Scaling up? Yeah! Want to make a difference? Let's do it! - Wim Kumpen

Work Experience

Senior Developer


June 2016 - Today

Clear is a digital studio that focusses on the connections between data, people, production processes and communication channels. Clear developed the product WMW. WMW is a IoT Solution Platform for businesses to internalize and incorporate data, making sure it becomes a meaningful and insightful bases to predicate future actions upon

Co-founder and CTO


February 2016 - March 2018

Letsclap helps businesses in delivering a personalized customer service and e-commerce through easy, real-time conversations on instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger en WeChat. Wim was co-founder and CTO, responsible for the software development. Merely 3 months after their launch, Letsclap was able to onboard a $100M start up in the Middle-East with over 20 agents to provide 24/7 support to customers. Meanwhile there are more than 100 agents using the platform.

Senior Developer & Project Lead


January 2014 - December 2015

This IWT* project, supported by the government, focused on transforming Archonia's business model to a client-driven model. Clients (a.k.a. ambassadors) were responsible for giving meaningful input in terms of product range, customer support and product marketing. The research project consisted out of three parts: identifying and recruiting ambassadors, designing the proper tools for them to use and designing the underlying algorithms and machine learning technology. I reached all these objectives, making this project a success. * Institute for the Promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders