Winston Yang


Technical, Programming

New York, New York, US


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About Winston ---
(*** read note below regarding for app development or hardware prototype development)

What : Developing the next NYC based startup focused the intersection of mobile and wearable sensors with the purpose of improving and predicting our habits and behavior.
How : Providing analytics around big data using algorithms/cognitive computing(IBM Watson, machine learning, neural nets) captured from sensor fusion.
Why: With the emergence of sensors, mobile apps and data, we now have the ability to digest data in a meaningful and purposeful way to enhance our lives.

The Vision : My focus is on wireless and wearable sensors, an area forecasted for rapid growth. The belief is that sensors are the future from predicting heart attacks 2 weeks ahead to helping those who may be mobility or visually impaired in order to lead better lives.
One of the current prototypes targets the sports market allowing a golfer (or baseball, tennis) to improve their posture and swing mechanics/habits allowing one to self-learn. I also have a provisional patent to help those visually impaired employing haptic feedback, LIDAR range scanning and sensors to detect irregular terrain and hazardous obstacles.

About me : My expertise and background is in software engineering full stack-iOS(C++/C#/Objective-c/Swift)/nodeJS/Android(Java)/Python, mBaaS platforms, node.js along with in electrical design and hardware prototyping. My experiences have taken me to banking, first to development positions, to architecture design, and then to management positions. I'm returning back to my roots, what I love most, as a full stack hardware/software developer. My strength is in execution, bringing an idea from concept to production.

My passion : I thrive on challenging the status quo, identifying areas of opportunities with a specific passion in disruptive innovation. I equally enjoy theorizing as well as implementing pragmatic solutions to real world problems.

Seeking : Looking for someone to join an existing team who passionate in this space (mobile/self-improvement/sensors) with a capabilities in software/hardware development, in strategy, or product design. Someone who is top notch, hungry for product creation, and most importantly, has a story behind their product. If you feel you do not have enough experience but have the desire and motivation, I would be happy to speak if you are interested to learn, get involved from a technical perspective. Looking develop relationships which can potentially turn into another future part of a vision&team. Looking for lasting partnerships.

If you have a well validated idea with good fit and market, I'd be happy for us to discuss and potentially invest in. Thank you for your understanding and in reading my profile.

*** App development is milestone based. I would pair the project request with a dedicated developer and you would be able to choose your own design template from dozens of designers. Pricing can be somewhat flexible with an equity stake if there is a fit within ideaslab. Feel free to contact me with your idea/requirements.

Product Management
Work Experience


Deutsche Bank

August 1998 - Today

Program Analyst

Goldman Sachs

July 1992 - June 1996


Deloitte&Touche Management Consulting

June 1996 - August 1998


Columbia University

BS Computer Science

1992 - 1992