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WoodFlake™ Business Solutions and Retail is well diversified company serving IT collaborations both B2B and B2C; looking for aspirants who would be responsible for leading all aspects of the company’s technology and future developments.We value true skills and don’t judge you on how you look on paper. A formal degree in Tech Science/Computers or any relevant field is a plus, but skills are gold. Also we wouldn’t reject you if you come from Mars and if you are excellent!

Being a part of this upscale development, someone who would want to flourish too soon with right amount of efforts and skills. We look for our founding team members who can communicate/operate at all levels, connect to the details, participate in regular audits, who don’t cease their Imagination and are limitless.

Indore is an excellent opportunity for any startup enthusiast to tap on. Vibrant culture, wide resources and cost-effective environment are key factors. In one of this 'SmartCity Projects-Indore'(cities considered from all over India), we are looking passionate developers and IT professionals who have vision and look beyond existing modules. We want to bring our founding team on chart soon for our operations to kick-start. Someone who is willing to invest in company's core technical / product development, we strive to go beyond what we already have.
We have amazing plans and aspirations, we welcome someone who can lead and build our Technical Environment for the next level up.


-Anupama Jain
WoodFlake IN