Wouter Gyssels

Denpasar, Indonesia

Looking for co-founders for renewable energy financing platform for SEA.
Wouter's Skills
Full Stack
Turn Around Experience
Emerging Markets
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Information Technology
High Growth Companies
South East Asia
Business Development

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First time founder

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About Wouter

Ex-Rocket Internet

Engineer with hands-on b2b business & product development and operational experience for fast-growing digital information ventures.
Experience with companies: private (seed and Series A) & public
Focus on digital models: SaaS, advertisement/lead generation, transactional 3-sided marketplaces & investment models.
Working environments: Europe, Oceania, and emerging SEA.
Passionate about: new enterprises, connecting with new people & navigating risk.

Technology companies should be able to better than food delivery and all of the other nonsense with billions in backing but very little to showcase for financially.

Currently Building:
Democratizing the renewable energy investment space. Just because investing in renewable energy should be as easy and fun as buying equities. And because it's time to use our inborn gambling instinct to do something good. MVP and marketing website are ready for launch.

Looking for:
A/ Passionate marketer with a solid interest in the renewable energy space. Preferably based in South East Asia. Background in technology companies preferred basic coding skills are a must (at a minimum HTML, python is a bonus for optimization of campaigns). A doer, a risk-taker, no bullshit.
B/ A CTO. To smoothen out the rough edges of the MVP product.
A senior full-stack developer looking for more responsibility and challenge
Must-haves: In-depth knowledge of Django infrastructure & ORM + Python/JS/HTML/CSS, AWS cloud environment.
Experience with: transactional platforms, large datasets, API's


When i don't have skin in the game, i become dumb. - Nassim taleb



Energy engineering

2010 - 2015