Xavier Wells

Jacksonville, Florida, US

Xavier's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Xavier

Hi my name is Xavier Wells and I am the current Co-Founder of ResumeCrawl, as well as an IT serving active duty in the US Navy. My qualifications include 5+ years of resume writing and career consultation services. As well as 3+ years dealing with computer hardware and communications.

ResumeCrawl is a unique platform for people to find careers, by not letting them search for them. But instead matches people to careers from all around the web. Our project is uniquely positioned to be a first of it's kind offering in our market, that coupled with our military and student connections ensure us of strong growth once we go live in Jan. 15. We are currently in the design and development phase of our project and we already are receiving great reception on social media and in the military for our project.

We are looking for a partner who can handle all of the design and coding for the site in house, who is experienced in dealing with php, database design and maintenance, as well as API integrations. This partnership will grant equity in the company up to 25% depending on qualifications and other factors such as a buy in.