Xeno Acharya

London, United Kingdom

Healthcare expert looking to democratize emotions, seeking CTO (ML experience)
Xeno's Skills
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Health 2.0
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About Xeno

I have 10+ years of health experience in various spheres (public health, epidemiology, global health, pharma, government services)--and am looking to found a company that will be for "emotional health" what Amazon has become for bookstores or Google has for libraries. Physical health has been examined from all angles and there is rapid development happening in this sphere whereas mental health has just begun in this journey. The biggest black hole currently in mental health is our own understanding of our emotions--why do we feel the way we do? This is a complex problem and spans social, physiological, neurological, and medical contexts--the idea behind my company is to begin exploring the mind through what tools already exist, and in later stages, develop cutting edge tools to understand and leverage the greatest gift humans have--our emotional intelligence.

Work Experience

Epidemiology Lead

Babylon Health

April 2017 - August 2018

Responsible for bringing together epidemiologic and healthcare data for training machine learning models.

Senior Consultant - Healthcare AI

PA Consulting

September 2018 - Today

Consulting on AI applications in healthcare


Harvard School of Public Health

PhD (unfinished), Epidemiology & Biostatistics

2013 - 2015