Xia (Michael) Xu

Marketing, Programming, Design

Toronto, Canada


About Xia (Michael)

Looking to join/start an interesting startup in either:
-ecommerce selling branded products (I have contacts in China that can manufacturer)
-3-D printing (I have limited knowledge but very interested in this field)

My current skillsets:
-front-end developer (Angular JS, Javascript, jQuery, HTML CSS)
-Hack and Slash designer (Photoshop and Illustrator)
-Growth Hacker (creative marketing, adding vitality, A/B testing, paid ads, Twitter and Facebook targeting)
-UX/UI (user onboarding, page optimization)

Looking for co-founders that have a particular expertise within their industry/field/or hobby that can bring valued inside perspective and experience into building a product to the particular market the startup is planning to go after.