Xin (Reno) Zheng

Toronto, Canada

Xin (Reno)'s Skills
Business Development

About Xin (Reno)

I had recently received a PhD in behavioral neuroscience. While I enjoy conducting research and teaching, I have always been looking for opportunities to make a more direct and bigger impact on society. The ubiquity of internet allows consumers to access unlimited amount of information. In the meanwhile, it provides unlimited opportunities for a business to reach each potential customer and to make an impact. In the past, I had entertained with some internet-related ideas. One dated in 2001 was similar to the cloud computing. More recently (early 2013), I was very attracted by the concept of crowd funding and impressed by the success of such Internet companies as Kickstarter. I had sketched out a preliminary business plan with a different business model than the existing ones, and was entertaining the idea of starting my own crowd funding Internet company. However, due to the lack of technical expertise and other commitments, none of these ideas have been further developed. I am currently working on another internet business idea and looking forward to meeting a partner, who has the technical expertise and shares the same passion and desire to make a bigger impact on society.