Atlanta, Georgia, US

XIN's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About XIN

We are building a platform(app-website), of which the concept is to make a 360 encyclopedia, in which people can find every public things which has been narrowed down to only merchandise, with 360 demonstration, credible intro, connection to other people exchanging views, and connection to suppliers. We'll collect suppliers' info and show them on the entry page with rating in users' available networks, and lead them there.

We released the basic version on Apple App Store and the website is under construction corresponding to app features. And we are now building the content base letting the platform providing enough content to attract people. I always trust that when the app is really helping people a lot, it must be valuable.

Currently, we are looking for investors and co-founders to improve the app, complete the website, lead generating contents and market. I always think a good and complete team is the most important key to succeed. If you are happy to work in a small startup team and you can accept equity-only or less equity with low salary currently, please let me know. We can continue to talk about it.