Y Chen


Sydney, Australia

Internet Marketing Expert | Strategist/Consultant | Seeking co-founder for a digital agency
Y's Skills
Attribution Modeling
Conversion Optimization
Conversion Strategy
International Commerce
Global E-commerce
Web Analytics Implementation
Web Analytics
Email Marketing
Paid Search Strategy
Paid Search Campaigns
Social Media Advertising
Social Media Marketing
Corporate Websites
Bespoke Website Design
Website Support
Website Redesign
Website Development
Website Conversion
Website Building
Web Site Production
Chinese Translation
Doing business in China
Speaker of Chinese
Chinese Culture
Digital Transformation
Digital Communication Strategy
Digital Strategy
Search Engines
Search Engine Ranking
Search Engine Positioning
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Advertising
Digital Business
Digital Branding
Digital Brand Strategy
Digital Agency
Digital Activation
User Experience

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Y

With over 10 years experience IT/web development and 10 years experience in digital marketing in diverse industries within large multinational and private organisations, I have expert knowledge of digital marketing and a successful track record of delivering outstanding business outcomes.

Welcome to contact me regarding digital marketing strategies consultation or collaboration opportunities as co-founders.

Experience - Industries (digital marketing - B2B and B2C)

IT, software, telecom, mobile, VET/higher education, financial services, sports, entertainment, gaming, healthcare, pharmaceutical, nutrition, real estate, fashion, retail, e-commerce, investment, stock trading, franchising, travel, industrial and automotive.