Y Fitzpatrick

Elgin, Illinois, US

Seeking a team of cofounders: Technical and Business Development
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First time founder

About Y

While I am a first time founder, I am also a patented inventor of the innovative and process improvement that this product contains. I have 35 years experience in IT, from programming, project management, Business Analysis, Process Analysis, Quality Assurance. Domain specific knowledge in this space with Insurance (20+), Finance(25+), Claims(10+),Healthcare(4+) and much more. I am committed and tenacious in this endeavor; having spent 10 years working to receive the patent. This is my second round of code development and this product, version 1 is complete and launched. I am seeking to build a team with 2 key individuals who are leaders and can be co-founders with me for the execution and strategy of roll-out. I need a Technical -CTO who can continue the vision, next version and mobile development and an experienced Business Development Cofounder. Contact me if your interested in finding out more.


"I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something, but I can't accept not trying". - Michael Jordan