Yael's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Yael

Yael bettesh - M.A graduate in business administration and health management systems.
Over 20 years experience of senior operational management positions, senior board member and HR Director.
Has senior management experience in a business environment consists of a very large organizations, perception and Systems Integration business and broad experience in customer service management, management of multidisciplinary teams, and managing huge budgets and communications technologies.
In recent years, built and manager of the Clalit Health Care customer call center (*2700), including seven different specializations centers(600 seats).

The Hub-Leas
Co working spaces for rent, exceptional work environment, well-designed, participatory and value-added business, located near Haifa (north).
The Hub-lease work area is divided into different types of space for rent short term & long - positions open space, individual and group offices, workshops for artists, public areas, workshops and conference rooms, a kitchen and a studio .
creative space to work, meet, learn, collaborate, a curated community of values-aligned individuals and companies. The combination of the best cafe, innovation, business accelerator, serviced office, and community center to create a place for meaningful encounters, productive work sessions, exchange and inspiration all with the ambition to spur social innovation.
Alongside existing types of office work spaces and work spaces facing the population of different users, artists in the plastic arts, working in workshops private or shared.
community and collaboration - diversity of tenants, combining work, development and creativity with great added value and dynamic of business exposure, social marketing and expand the range of options and networking.