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Hi thanks for taking the time to check out my profile.

I have a strong back ground in business development, marketing and sales - mostly in the real estate development industry. I started on this venture into startup-dom by accident - I just saw an opportunity to address a problem. Currently I'm seeking a technical cofounder who really is a compliment that can grasp the vision and opportunity in order to develop a mobile application. The ideal partner not only has technical proficiency but has vision as well.

Here's the backdrop:

I am the cofounder of a social bulletin board app call tear flyer - a play on the traditional tear-off flyer. I'm rethinking the traditional bulletin board on college campuses. If Craiglist and Mobli had a baby, it would be tearflyer.

I launched NYU Deals (.com) a couple months ago as an MVP and have gotten a few hundred users on board, so there is some traction. The MVP was built on a group buying platform but tear flyer will not be as I don't want the app considered a Groupon clone - which it isn't.

Traditional bulletin boards are staples for most campuses - the go-to for any individual or organization looking to promote an offer or event. Because tear-off flyers are being posted all of the time, the shelf life is really short and often the intended audience isn't reached anyways. I'm seeking to improve this process whereby allowing students within a given campus to create bulletin boards with information relevant to them and/or their friends.

I would love to chat and provide more background about the product and what my goals are. YEBH


New York University

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2014 - 2014


NYU-Poly: DUMBO Incubator