Yair Haimovitch

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Full Stack Dev, Frontend Architect, Partner at Coralogix
Yair's Skills
Product Management
Full Stack
Frontend Engineering

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

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About Yair

The one thing i am most proud of is the startup I cofounded (Triloo) that eventually sank into the dark pits of despair. Looking back, I have learned from the failure as much as I have learned from the trip itself. Best time of my life!

Work Experience

Full Stack Dev, Frontend Architect, Partner


November 2014 - February 2016

• One of two software developers in a newly established Bigdata analytics Startup company • In charge of the design and implementation of the solution from end-to-end: Frontend, Backend, Database, SDK, Cloud infrastructure and Graphic design • Meeting extremely tight deadlines to deliver the product to our customers

Web Dev Team Leader

Voyant Health

November 2013 - November 2014

• Managing the web development team in charge of several medical SAAS products • Designing and developing the next generation of the flagship product’s web infrastructure • Maintaining the existing solution and developing new features while working with various stakeholders in the organization

Frontend Dev Team Leader and Frontend "Guild" Master


February 2016 - Today

• Heading an R&D team in one of Wix's flagship products (ADI) • In charge of an internal weekly meetup of 100+ Frontend developers

Software Architect


January 2012 - January 2013

• Software architecture consulting based on the Microsoft B2B software portfolio • Independent work with various Microsoft customers including requirements gathering, designing, developing and delivering software solutions

Software Consultant

Arctic Technologies (Founder)

June 2009 - January 2013

• Establishing and managing a small software consultancy • Working with a diverse customer base from various industries such as Pharmaceutical, Telco, Defense, Startups, Government and Finance • Monitoring solutions and architecture consulting and project management, specializing in ad-hoc development based on the customer’s needs

Product Manager and Developer

Triloo (Cofounder)

January 2009 - January 2013

• Establishing an IT monitoring SAAS Startup • Designing the solution from the business, product and technological aspects • Fullstack development of the system including FrontEnd, BackEnd, Database, Infrastructure and Graphic design

Management Solutions Team Leader


January 2007 - January 2009

• Managing the monitoring professional services team and projects • Developing custom-made solutions catered to the customer

Presale Consultant


January 2005 - January 2007

• Planning software solutions tailor-made to the customers’ needs • Developing complementary tools to the HP Software portfolio • Presenting in HP events, delivering workshops and managing POCs

Software Developer


January 2002 - January 2005

• Developing large scale in-house monitoring solutions in JAVA and Perl • Integrating off-the-shelf IT monitoring products • Technical-lead and System-architect of monitoring solution developments


Open University of Israel

Business Management and Political Science

2006 - 2011